Thorle Pippin


Origin – Scotland – described in 1831

Small to medium size.  Flat round, flattened base and apex with a greasy feel to the skin.  Fairly even.
A bright, colourful apple, bright green yellow base colour with bright crimson scarlet stripes developing into an almost all over flush.  Lenticels are conspicuous white dots.

Cavity medium width and depth, almost filled by a fairly short stout stalk, sometimes swollen.  A small amount of green/brown russet in Cavity.
Stalk as above, short and stout, mostly within cavity.
Basin fairly wide and shallow.
Eye large and open, distinctive.  Stamens clearly visible.
Sepals broad, start just touching but soon reflexed revealing the distinctive Eye, tips mostly broken.
Flesh soft, cream to yellowish white, dry with a sweet flavour.  Like most early apples this goes woolly soon after being picked and does not keep.  Crawford and Bultitude do not agree about the flavour – the above are my own observations.

Tube wide short cone then funnel, Stamens median, Core axile and neat

Tree moderate vigour – hearsay, I have only seen the young trees in Deacon’s Nursery. Leaves are fairly thick and leathery.

Flowering beginning of May

Season August/September