(green and sour)
Raised at East Malling Research Station in Kent in 1964.  Cox’s Orange Pippin (dessert) x probably Lane’s Prince Albert (cooker). Introduced in 1985 by Highfield Nurseries, Gloucestershire.
This is in the green section as in September it can be mistaken for a Bramley’s Seedling.

Large, round to round/conical, can be lopsided, flattened at base.  Early in the year it looks like a paler Bramley (but taller), but then becomes green/yellow and develops an orange to scarlet red flush with indistinct stripes.  The grey lenticels show up well on the flush.   Sanders says Lenticels inconspicuous but I found them noticeable on flush (so does Clark).  Skin feels dry.

Cavity wide and deep with russet which can be fine but is sometimes corky and spreads out over the shoulder
Stalk short and stumpy, slightly above base.
Basin wide, moderately deep, regular.
Eye closed/part open. Medium size
Sepals erect with tips reflexed and broken.
Flesh cream/white and juicy, not so sharp as a Bramley.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile but a little open

Tree not as vigorous as a Bramley’s Seedling

Flowering ; Pollination Group C

Season : September to December