Raised in 1926 at the Dominion Experiment Station, Summerland, British Columbia from McIntosh x Newtown Pippin.  The tree fruited in 1932 and was introduced in 1936.  On trial at the National Fruit Trials in England from 1960.

Medium size.  Round conical but varies in shape – see picture.  Lopsided sometimes, often five crowned.
Almost completely flushed deep crimson over pale yellow/green. Some indistinct stripes where flush meets ground colour, distinctive blue bloom over crimson.  Lenticels very small white dots, skin smooth and dry.

Cavity deep and narrow, small amount of greeny/brown russet which can extend over shoulder.  Can be lipped.
Stalk medium to slender.  King apples can have stout stalk.
Basin medium depth and width, irregular with colour going into Eye. Ribbed and puckered, sometimes beaded.
Eye closed.
Sepals erect, with tips reflexed, downy
Flesh white, crisp and juicy. Good refreshing flavour.  Good for juice.  (Try the Spartan juice from Sharon Orchard!) Tough skin later in year.

Tube deep funnel, can look cone-shaped, Stamens median, Core axile or abaxile

Tree moderate vigour, upright spreading.  Need thinning for a good crop. Can be prone to canker.

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Golden Delicious and William Crump
Season : November to mid February