Sir John Thorneycroft


Raised about 1900 by Sir John Thorneycroft in Bembridge in the Isle of Wight.  Introduced by Bunyards in 1913, National Fruit Trials in 1923.

Large dessert size.  Round, slightly flattened base and apex.
Yellow green going gold, almost completely covered with scarlet/crimson flush when ripe. Stripes before flush develops fully.
Some russet on fruit,
Lenticels noticeable as grey/brown russet dots.

Cavity russet lined, not too deep or wide.
Stalk stout and above cavity.
Basin fairly shallow, fairly wide basin, skin puckered.
Eye closed
Sepals Long and narrow, tight, convergent sepals with reflexed tips
Flesh sweet, juicy, crisp, not to strong a flavour.  Skin tough.  Skin goes greasy in store.

Tube funnel, Stamens median?, Core axile

Tree moderately vigorous

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : October to January