Raised by Dr Alston of East Malling Research Station, Kent from a Falstaff x Cox’s Orange Pippin cross and introduced in 1997.  Crawford says parentage includes x Starkspur Golden Delicious.

Large to medium size.  Tall, conical, some more oblong and a few rounder.  Even and regular. Flattened base and apex.
Yellow green, covered by crimson/rose flush which eventually darkens and covers the whole apple with darker indistinct stripes. Eventually quite a dark brown/crimson apple with a glowing appearance – not dull.  Lenticels prominent on the flush.

Cavity deep with a small amount of brown russet.
Stalk very long and slender and often bent to one side.
Basin medium width and depth, skin puckered.
Eye tight closed
Sepals tall and convergent
Flesh yellow tinged, juicy, crisp, crunchy but sweet and sometimes does not seem to develop the promised flavour.

Tube funnel, Stamens ?, Core axile and open

Tree fruit stays late on the tree, moderately vigorous and heavy cropper.  Resistant to scab and some resistance to mildew

Flowering eight days before Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season October to December