Red Devil


Raised in 1975 by H F Ermen of Faversham in Kent, from Discovery x Kent.  Introduced 1990 by F W T Matthews Nursery, Worcestershire.
Also introduced and grown in France, Holland, Germany and Belgium.

Medium to large.  Flat round, regular, sometimes lopsided.
Orange red going crimson red.  Very conspicuous russet lenticels becoming smaller and more numerous towards the apex.

Cavity not too deep, wide, can be lipped, some brown/grey russet.
Stalk thick, swollen, embedded in cavity, in one case in sample just above cavity.
Basin fairly deep and fairly narrow
Eye small and closed
Sepals long and convergent
Flesh juicy with quite a strong taste, pink coloured flesh under the skin and around core.  Makes pink juice.  Sanders says a ‘strawberry taste’ – not sure about this, perhaps I was too early in the season.

Tube cone, Stamens median to marginal, Core open, abaxile

Tree vigorous, precocious and heavy cropping

Flowering four days before Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : September to December