Red Delicious


An American apple, a sport from Delicious with many other sports (literally hundreds – Sanders) developed from it.  Not grown much in England as it needs sun and warmth to develop its full flavour.
One of the most widely grown apples in the world.

Medium large size. Oblong to oblong/conical.  Flattened at the base.  Lopsided, irregular.  Flat sided with very obvious ribs and five large crowns at the apex.
Almost entirely covered with deep crimson, highly polished, tough, smooth skin.  Has a blueish bloom which rubs off when handled.
Lenticels numerous conspicuous white dots.

Cavity medium width and depth, often lipped with a little grey russet.
Stalk stout, fairly long, well above base
Basin noticeably ribbed and puckered, usually skin is a paler colour or even yellow in basin.
Eye slightly open.
Sepals narrow and convergent
Flesh green white to creamy white, juicy flesh, develops slightly metallic taste and goes woolly if kept for too long.  Delicious straight from the tree.

Tube deep funnel shape, Stamens marginal, Core axile, open

Tree vigorous, upward spreading, good and heavy cropping

Flowering same day as Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : December to March officially but see comment above from experience with a tree in an Isle of Wight garden.