Raised by W. Seabrook and Sons at Boreham, Essex from Worcester Pearmain x Rival in 1933,  introduced in 1938.

Medium size.  Oblong conical, some can be round conical. Lopsided, all in my sample, slightly flattened at apex.
Green going green yellow, flushed almost all over with crimson red, with darker crimson red stripes. General impression, quite a dark apple. A great many fairly large russet lenticels can give a spotty appearance.  This could be in the Reinette section but as it ripens the overall effect is red.

Cavity medium width and fairly deep (Bultitude says medium depth).  Lined with green brown russet which streaks out over the shoulder.
Stalk short and stout, within cavity or just above.
Basin medium width and depth or fairly shallow, perhaps a little russet.
Eye part open
Sepals broad, downy, reflexed and often broken
Flesh creamy white, sweet, a bit juicy.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, core axile, narrow

Tree not vigorous, can be tip bearer

Flowering two days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Adam’s Pearmain and Saint Cecilia

Season : October to November