Norfolk Royal


A seedling found at Wright’s Nurseries, North Walsham, Norfolk. Introduced in 1928 and named in 1930.

Medium to large. Conical to long conical (the photo does not give a good impression of the shape)  Can be slightly lopsided, regular, slightly flat sided.  Five crowned.
Base green but as it ripens almost completely covered with scarlet red flush, sometimes a little russet. Lenticels inconspicuous, skin very smooth and shiny.

Cavity deep narrow cavity, with small amount of brown russet over green. 
Stalk long and fairly thin, shows above cavity – although Taylor says ‘just to the top of cavity’.
Basin medium depth and width
Eye closed to part open.  Skin slightly puckered into eye.
Sepals small, erect, convergent
Flesh creamy white, crisp and juicy

Tube cone. Slightly funnel shaped, Stamens basal, Core abaxile. Open, plenty of pips

Tree vigorous and upright

Flowering three days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Merton Beauty and Ingrid Marie

Season : November to January