Nettlestone Pippin


Found at Deacon’s Nursery, Isle of Wight. No history. (Nettlestone is near Seaview on the Isle of Wight).  Recorded in Crawford 2001.

Medium size.  Round, slightly conical, flattened at base and apex.  Even and regular.
Yellow green base almost completely covered by deep crimson flush.  Lenticels conspicuous white dots on flush. Quite a large amount of russet in patches and specks – I nearly put this in with the Reinettes.

Cavity Deep, narrow , with corky russet spreading over shoulder.
Stalk long, fairly stout, well above cavity
Eye open
Sepals broad and broken, skin pleated and puckered into eye.
Flesh green white, skin tough. Quite a sharp but good and refreshing taste.

Tube cone, Stamens basal?, Core axile, pips large



Season : Early Autumn