Mother or American Mother


From Bolton, Worcester County, Massachusetts
First recorded in  1844.  Introduced to this country by Mr Thomas Rivers of Sawbridgeworth in the early 1800s. Named by Hogg as American Mother.

Medium size. Conical, can be long conical or more an oval, I think it is the king apple that is the more round/oval shape.  Usually the apple tapers evenly into the apex, flattened both at base and apex. Can be flatsided.  A little irregular and sometimes lopsided.
Golden yellow flushed almost completely with dark scarlet red. Some broken darker red stripes. Lenticels plentiful and conspicuous russet dots.
Skin smooth and dry, going slightly greasy.

Cavity wide and russeted, varies in depth. Can be lipped.
Stalk short and fairly thin although some of the sample I recorded had stout stalks, usually above base.
Basin small, fairly shallow, puckered and often beaded.
Eye closed or part open, small.
Sepals erect and convergent
Flesh creamy white with a green tinge, juicy and sweet.

Tube small, funnel shaped (Sanders says ‘tiny’)
Stamens almost marginal, Core abaxile

Tree vigorous and upright, cropping can be irregular

Flowering four days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Merton Beauty and Barnack Beauty

Season : October to December