Merton Worcester


Raised by M B Crane atJohn Innes Institute in 1914, Cox’s Orange Pippin x Worcester Pearmain. Named in 1947 and RHS Award of Merit in 1950.

Medium to small size. Short round conical, fairly regular, can be a little lopsided.
Greenish yellow, flushed deep, blood red with darker indistinct stripes. Lenticels not noticeable as small russet dots. (Worcester Pearmain has conspicuous lenticels)  Skin smooth and slightly greasy.

Cavity not too deep or wide, russet lined
Stalk medium, quite long and beyond base.
Basin very shallow, mostly beaded. 
Eye closed. 
Sepals short and convergent, downy
Flesh juicy and sweet, does not keep. Tastes slightly of pears.

Tube small, funnel shaped, Stamens median to marginal, Core axile, slightly open

Tree vigorous, upright spreading, heavy cropping, susceptible to bitterpit.

Flowering one day before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Jonathan and John Standish.

Season : September