Merton Beauty

(striped and sweet)

Raised by M B Crane at John Innes Institute in 1933 from Ellison’s Orange x Cox’s Orange Pippin.  Introduced in 1962.

Medium to slightly small size. Flat round and very regular, a small, neat looking apple as are most of the ‘Mertons’.
Ground colour pale green yellow, mostly flushed and spotted bright red with darker indistinct stripes, flecks and patches of russet.  Lenticels small and inconspicuous.  Skin smooth and dry.

Cavity medium width, fairly deep and russeted.
Stalk long, stout for size of apple, well above cavity.
Basin fairly shallow, skin slightly puckered into Eye.
Eye part open, seems to open after apple is picked.
Sepals long,reflexed, usually broken.
Flesh creamy white and juicy. Distinct aniseed after taste inherited from Ellison’s Orange parent.

Tube cone shaped, Stamens basal to median, Core axile

Tree moderate vigour, upright

Flowering three days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Gala and Norfolk Royal

Season : September and early October