May Queen


Raised by Haywards of Worcester, first recorded in 1888. RHS Award of Merit in 1892

Medium size.  Flat round to sometimes oblong, flattened at base and apex, can be lopsided.
Golden yellow, flushed almost overall with bright scarlet red.  Short broken stripes.  Some russet patches. Lenticels small and not very noticeable, although show up as a different texture in flush. white dots. Can go greasy when kept – and it does keep. Right round to May in perfect conditions.

Cavity medium width and deep, lined with gold brown russet over green
Stalk short, fairly stout (Bultitude ‘Medium to slender), within cavity
Basin wide and deep, can be irregular and puckered, can be a little russet.
Eye large and open
Sepals broad and short, downy, often broken
Flesh yellow cream, almost gold under the skin.  Quite sharp and tasty

Tube funnel, Stamens ?, Core abaxile

Tree weak and upward spreading

Flowering two days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Charles Ross and Lady Henniker

Season : January onwards