Madresfield Court


Probably raised by William Crump.  Introduced by J Carless of Worcester. RHS Award of Merit in 1915.

Medium to large size.  Tall oblong conical.  Ribby, angular and lopsided, five crowned – although Taylor describes this as ‘four knobs at the top – flat ends’.
Green going yellow, becoming flushed with crimson which brightens as the fruit ripens.  ‘Two thirds covered with brilliant capsicum red’ Taylor again.
Very prominent white lenticels.

Cavity medium depth and width, sometimes irregular with fleshy swelling.  Grey russet lined,
Stalk medium length and fairly sturdy, above cavity.
Basin wide , medium depth to shallow, ribbed and puckered
Eye closed or part open although in my sample (September) the eye was tightly closed.
Sepals long, convergent and reflexed.
Flesh white with a green tinge, coarse, juicy and sweet.
Taylor says ‘ yellow, juicy and sweet with a good flavour’.

Tube cone, Stamens marginal, Core axile

Tree vigorous and upright spreading, partial tip bearer, prone to canker.

Flowering same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin, with Duke of Devonshire and Lord Hindlip.

Season : October to December