Stirling Castle


(green and sour)


An old apple introduced in about 1830 by Drummonds of Stirling and named Stirling Castle.
It was probably grown before this date by cottagers in the area.
‘It was raised at Stirling by John Christie, at Causeyhead on the road to Bridge of Allen about 1830’ Hogg
Large. Round, flat, regular, with some well rounded ribs.
Bright light green, pea green is a good description, ripening to light yellow, pinky or light brown flush, russet marks on skin. No stripes although Taylor notes that some specimens at an exhibition had a ‘bright red flush and dark red broken stripes’.
Lenticels fairly conspicuous as russet dots.  Skin smooth, can become greasy in store.

Cavity wide, deep, russeted.
Stalk short, thick and usually just outside cavity,  although the occasional stalk is longer.
Basin medium depth and often with beading. Smooth with skin sometimes slightly puckered into Eye.
Eye open or part open.
Sepals broad, erect and convergent.  Tips often broken off.
Flesh white and juicy.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile or abaxile

Tree not vigorous, spreading.

Flowering two days before Bramley’s Seedling with Queen

Season : August to October