Braeburn x Gala.  Launched in 1966 – more info to come!  Kanzi means ‘Hidden treasure’.

Medium size, a better and more useful size than some of the ‘supermarket giants’ i.e. Fuji and Pink Lady.  Conical, flattened base and apex, distinctly five crowned, mostly slightly lopsided and irregular. Smooth skin, slightly waxy feel as the apple ripens.  Light yellow/green, flushed bright scarlet crimson.  No Stripes.  Lenticels light russet dots, conspicuous on flush.

Cavity wide, mostly deep, one quitwe shallow with a thicker stalk.  Russet in 1/ 4 and 2/4 in samples.
Stalk fairly sturdy, well above cavity and slightly to one side.
Basin medium width and mostly deep, well defined with skin pleated into Eye.
Eye Seems to start closed and in the most mature apples is open with the stamens visible.
Sepals convergent with tips reflexed but mostly broken in my sample
Flesh green/white, slightly creamy and tinged red under the flush.  Very juicy and quite sharp on first taste but improves.  Tough skin ( as in all supermarket apples)

Tube cone, slightly ‘tubed’ towards base, Stamens median/marginal, Core almost closed, axile, pips non existent or very small and immature



Season : In supermarket in April, imported from Holland