Sport of Jonagold, discovered at Halen, Belgium by J. and R. Morren, introduced in 1985.  Several times winner of the Tastiest Apple competition at National Fruit Show, Kent. (The New Book of Apples)

Medium to large size. Round to oblong, slightly ribbed, five crowned, slightly hammered feel.  Flattened at base and apex.
Bold crimson scarlet stripes and speckles over yellow green ground.
Lenticels prominent white dots.
Slightly greasy feel.

Cavity wide, deep and russeted. Russet can extend in long streaks over the surface.
Stalk medium to long, not too thin.
Basin moderately deep and wide, ribbed.
Eye small, closed or very slightly open.
Sepals convergent, small, tips reflexed.
Flesh creamy, rich, juicy, good flavour.

Tube cone, Stamens basal, Core axile, small, pips large and long, not plump.

Tree vigorous and heavy cropping

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : November onwards