John Standish


Believed raised by John Standish of Ascot in Berkshire in about 1873.  Exhibited at RHS Show in 1921 by Isaac House and sons of Bristol.  It received an RHS Award of Merit in 1922.

Medium size.  Round to round conical, regular, can be lopsided.
Pale green, flushed with bright red, some darker stripes on the flush.
Lenticels very conspicuous as pale russet dots.
Skin goes shiny.

Cavity medium width, medium to shallow depth, a little russet.
Stalk not too thin , extends beyond base.
Basin shallow, apical, ribbed and puckered.
Eye small, just open.  Opens as fruit ripens.
Sepals short and convergent
Flesh white and juicy, disappointingly not much flavour, skin a little chewy.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core axile, closed or open

Tree vigorous and upright

Flowering two days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Fortune and Sunset

Season : December to February