A new apple variety developed in New Zealand in the 1980s, a cross between Braeburn and Gala. At present (2008) only to be found in the supermarket, mine was tracked down in Marks and Spencer in May! Imported from the USA .

Medium size, oblong, slightly conical (not as conical as Kanzi) distinctly flattened at base and apex. I can feel the five crowns but not prominent.
Surface dry, a solid feel, quite heavy and firm.
Bright yellow green developing a bright scarlet almost all over flush as it ripens, slight stripes as the flush develops but the overall impression is a red apple, very bright and attractive.
Lenticels obvious as russet dots, appear almost indented.

Cavity deep and medium to narrow width, no russet
Stalk deeply embedded in cavity, one in sample with a shallower cavity and almost lipped.  Stalk just above cavity, sometimes slightly to one side, medium to slightly stout.
Basin fairly wide, definite in outline, medium depth
Eye seems to vary from tightly closed and convergent to open with stamens showing through short sepals
Sepals very downy, short, convergent with tips reflexed
Flesh creamy yellow, juicy, dense, crunchy.  A sweet but well balanced flavour, one of the most popular in our house, way above any other supermarket variety.

Tube wide cone to funnel, Stamens median to marginal, Core closed and axile

Tree   no info yet

Flowering no info yet

Season : late, internet info. suggests that it benefits from time to ripen, soften and let the flavour develop