Gloster 69


Raised at Jork Fruit Research Station, Hamburg, Germany in 1951 from Weisser Winterglockenapfel x Richard Delicious, National Fruit trials 1970.
The ‘Glo’ in the name comes from Glocken –a bell, the shape is reminiscent of an alpine cow bell.

Oblong, slightly conical.  Flat sided and irregular, very ribbed, five crowned at apex. Surface can feel uneven and bumpy.  Apple feels hard.
Pale green flushed almost overall with dark, dull red.  Darker markings.
Lenticels very conspicuous pale dots.

Cavity wide and variable, a little russet.
Stalk long and stout, above base of fruit, to one side.
Basin deep and irregular, ribbed.
Eye closed or part open.  In my sample some were fully open.
Sepals small and reflexed.
Flesh white with a green tinge, juicy, quite a sharp taste early in the season

Tube wide cone, Stamens marginal?, Core abaxile

Tree Vigorous and upright spreading

Flowering four days after Cox’s Orange Pippin withWinston  Pollination Group E

Season : late November to early March