Raised in 1956 by Gavin Brown, Bayfordbury. Herts. Merton Worcester x scab resistant seedling Jonathan x Malus robusta x Rome Beauty.

Medium size. Oblong slightly conical.  King apple in sample almost Bramley shape.  Irregular, lopsided, stalk leans towards smaller side in lopsided apples.
Yellow green, covered by crimson/scarlet flush and slightly darker broken stripes.  Very prominent russet lenticels. Large pale spots and patches on shoulder.  Russet cover varies but not enough russet to be classified as a reinette.

Cavity deep and narrow, a very small amount of russet in most, occasionally spreads over shoulder.
Stalk sturdy and above cavity.
Basin wide and shallow with some beading
Eye closed
Sepals upright
Flesh slightly yellow, crisp with a good rich flavour

Tube cone, stamens median, Core axile
Large round plump seeds

Tree moderately vigorous

Flowering – flowers ornamental,Pollination Group D

Season : October to December