More September news 2015

Osborne House Apple Weekend

East Cowes Isle of Wight

24th - 26th October 2015

Normal House admission charges apply

Open from 10.00am - 6.00pm

There was an artivcle in the local paper - The Isle of Wight County Press stating that the police had spoken to local residents about the damage to Yarmouth Community Orchard and believed they had spoken to the culprit.  It was suggested that some information should be available on the site so that people appreciated what it was and why it had been planted - so watch this space and hope for no further damage.


on Saturday 10th October in the Wilberforce Hall Brighstone

MISTLETOE - Thank you for all the replies to my mistletoe query. Yes, it is definitely a male flower and I have had advice about propagating, when to cut for decoration and warnings about over picking and even a bit of folklore BUT I still don't know how it appears on other apple trees in the garden if all the plants in the garden are MALE.  If I had a female mistletoe in the garden or in the area around obviously they would pollinate and the birds could spread them but there seem to be no female plants within range.  Any other thoughts or information welcome.

PHOTO IDENTS -  I am very sorry but there is no way I can accurately identify an apple from a photo. A photo does not tell me the scale, the feel, the shape, the taste, the smell etc and I can't cut it up and look inside.  It is Apple Day season around the country so look up your local Apple Days online and visit taking your apples with you with as much information about them as you can.  Try your nearest RHS garden, thy too have Apple Days, also some National Trust Gardens or if you are lucky enough to know a nursery near you that grows apple trees go and ask. Local is also a good idea as a great many varietie are just that - Local - and local knowledge is helpful.

SHALFLEET APPLE DAY on the IOW - on Saturday October 17th - outside the Village Hall - everything related to Apples - see under IOW Apple People and Places for more information about Shalfleet Apple Day in previous years

Photo from 2014

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