September 2015

September 2015


Back in action as the Apple season is here, the emails are arriving, we have been orchard visiting and are using apples from the garden.  I have had to remind myself how to resize pictures and put them on the website! The picture above came from our holiday in Devon.  We went over the border into Cornwall and visited Cotehele, the orchard was interesting to visit and I took this photo (among others) of Beauty of Bath as I don't have a good photo of this variety on the website.  This variety is not planted very much now as there are perhaps better early apples but picked straight off the tree at the start of apple season it is good and remembered by so many people from their childhood.

We were really sorry to hear about the vandalism at Yarmouth Community Orchard, the trees were doing well, Dave walked through and pruned them last winter although we found then that some had had the tops broken out.  Last week somebody took the tops out of all the trees - how senseless and stupid.  The trees were all planted by local community groups, like the Scouts above, or in memory of local people, like Henry Cooper, planted by his Grandaughter Lois Cooper, below.  However the trees are still alive and growing except for one which is being replaced

My next query - who knows about mistletoe?  Our plant which we were sure was male (no berries) sems to be spreading across the garden and we now have mistletoe on two other trees, Tydesman's Late and Crawley Beauty apart from The Bramley's Seeding where it started.   Is this a male flower?  a female flower? (Photo taken 23rd March) All I can say is it does not develop into white berries at Christmas and if there are no berries how does it spread?

The new mistletoe plant growing on Tydeman's Late Orange.  Picture also taken on 23rd March.

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