October news 2014

It was Brighstone Horticultural Society Autumn Show last Saturday, Dave and I spent the afternoon in a tent outside the Wilberforce Hall in Brighstone with a display of 30+ apples, the original painted apple records, information about the new apple, Little Pax and information about this website.  We had also asked people to bring apple recipes and samples to share.

There were a few offers and special Thanks to the Brownies who came with a large tray of 'Brownie apple Buns'.  Thanks also to the friend who tried her recipe twice, one with blackberries and one without and still had a 'soggy bottom', however this was the winner on flavour on the day and soggy bottoms are an occupational hazard when cooking with apples.  I brought Apple Chutney and Crab Apple jelly (using John Downie Crabs) - the recipes were already on the website as I make them every year.  The other 'Show Day' recipes are now under Taste, Flavour and Recipes on the menu at the side.  Scroll down until you come to them.  If I keep gathering recipes they may become a separate menu item in the future.  Some people promised to email me their best apple recipe so watch this space.

I forgot to take my camera so hoping someone out there took some photos and could send to me? (The above picture was improvised at home the next day when I realised I had no photos but it is the chutney and the Crab apple jelly that went to the show.)  If not there is always the Local County Press as they were there with their camera.  The Horticultural show in the hall was good but there were no entries at all in the apple classes which just confirms what a bad apple year it has been in 2014.  The apples in our display were not as good as usual and after visiting some of the usual sources for samples we all agreed it had been a very bad year and that what apples we had were not going to keep for very long.  Only 30 different varieties in the display this year and that included two crab apples and a few cider apples.

Next weekend is Shalfleet Apple Day on Saturday 18th October - the nearest they could make it to National Apple Day on October 21st.



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