October News 2013

The website has been busy but I am keeping up with all the emails - just

I have a lot of queries from people who would like to send me a photo of their apple so I can identify it.  Photos are always interesting but there are several good reasons why it is not possible to identify an apple accurately from a photo.  An educated guess but not an accurate identification. Firstly it is difficult to get a feeling of scale and size from a photo, secondly you really need to feel the apple, dry or greasy skin, ribs, smooth or bumpy (hammered), rough from russet patches etc. Then there is the aroma and of course the taste, not to mention what the inside looks like when it is cut open (section).  A photo doesn't tell you any of the above.  So please don't be disappointed if I can't help.


Egremont Russet

I am not sure which is the apple of the moment but we seem to be eating a lot of Egremont Russet just now. I did a talk for Ryde Horticultural Society this week and took a box of Egremont from our 40 year old tree as samples, unfortunately complete with livestock! However they all went home with someone.  

Has everyone else had such a bumper year for apples as we are having?  I am cooking with Arthur Turner, a lovely early cooking apple which cooks to a fluff, makes superb baked apples and is almost as good as a Bramley for chutney, not to mention the wonderful blossom in the spring. Our shed is filling up with boxes of apples and nobody visits us without going away with a bag of apples, we have even sold some to the local shop. 

Arthur Turner

How are you eating your apples today? I know there are lots of good recipe books out there but if you have a favourite tried and tested recipe send it in and I will put it on the site.

PLEASE, is there anybody out there from the Isle of Wight Orchard Group? I have tried to contact the group through the website with no success, I have emailed my contact and had no reply - what is happening? please let me know.

Unfortunately I have now heard from two sources that the Isle of Wight Orchard Group is not functioning at present.  Hopefully things will start again and when I hear I will let you know - in the meantime I have removed contact details from this site.

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