August news 2013

Apologies for the long gap and the fact that the promised work on pollination times and shapes has not been published as planned.  It is coming. I have been in hospital and have taken longer than expected to recover.  My general conclusion about flowering times is that the books are accurate in stating which apple flowers with which BUT local weather conditions do affect the gaps between flowering times.  They do always flower in the same order.  This was only a small study using just the apples in our one garden.


The apple season has started here with requests for identifications from photos and news from France, Germany. Ireland, and the USA as well as in the UK.  Photo ID is not usually very accurate, we need the apples and lots of info about flowering times, age of tree etc. etc. but we do try.  Thank you for all the little bits of information and apple stories you send us, they are all interesting and where possible I try to reply to emails.

The apple crop here on the Isle of Wight looks very promising and we are thinning and summer pruning.  Waiting for the first taste of Tydeman's Early Worcester, it's not the flavour, it's the fact that it is the first one ready to eat in our garden.

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