December News 2012

I went to the tree planting for the Yarmouth Local Heroes Community Orchard on Saturday.  It was a beautiful sunny, dry afternoon but bitterly cold. 

Those who were digging kept warm and those who were watching shivered.  All ages from very young to relatively old were there, including family groups, scouts (who I gather dug most of the holes) and people representing groups around Yarmouth.  There will be a complete list of all the trees and who chose which variety to plant and why on the Yarmouth Town Council website.  I spoke to Mrs Dedman who had planted a Howgate Wonder in memory of her husband Ken Dedman MBE - he was born in 1915 and the Howgate Wonder was raised in 1915. Also Barry Coates Evans and Stuart Hutchinson who had planted an Egremont Russet for 'Yarmouth Town councillors past and present'. For more information, orchard plan and photos look under IOW Apple people and places and then Yarmouth Local Heroes Community Orchard.

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