September news 2012

The apple season has started in earnest and already there are queries to answer and places to visit.  Some are easy, like the apple that was sold as Tydeman’s Late Orange and turned out to be Tydeman’s Early Worcester.  We have both in our garden and it was a simple matter of walking up the path and checking.


There are some new additions to the website – please look at the chart on the Frogmore Prolific page.  I am now fairly certain that the apple at Northcourt is Frogmore Prolific.  This doesn’t make it a better apple, the owner still says she doesn’t rate it as a useful cooker, perhaps this is why it isn’t grown any more. In the nineteenth century when it was new it had the reputation of the royal gardener behind it.  In Hogg there are several apples listed with the Frogmore prefix but they are (as far as I know) no longer in existence.

Also a correction on the Ashmeads Kernel page with more up to date information about its origin. 

I visited the site where The Alverstone apple is grown and found it sadly neglected – hope someone clears the brambles and bracken soon.  Southern Water own the land, Island 2000 (IOW Council) are responsible for upkeep with the help of The Green Gym.  Today - September 4th - I have just been told that it has been cleared this week and all the trees are now visible. Hoping to be in the Sandown direction next week and will make a visit. 

I have just been sent a story about the Howgate Wonder - have a look at the Isle of Wight apples section.

We have a good crop of Arthur Turner for cooking now but the later cookers are a bit scarce.  Tydeman’s Early is ready now to eat from the tree – even kept for a few days they lose their flavour. The early flowering apples have a good crop and the ones that flowered later missed being pollinated when the weather changed and have a very poor crop or no apples at all?  Am I right?

Please ‘Contact me’ if you have any comments, find any inaccuracies in the site or have information to add – I do reply to emails.

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