June News 2012

The blossom season has been and gone although Crawley Beauty is still flowering here in our garden - on the 19th June - unbelievable. 

 I know it is always late to flower but usually the Bramley still has a small amount of blossom and I had assumed that was how it was pollinated and it is (I think) partially self fertile.  This year there was nothing else anywhere for pollination and we shall wait and see if there are any apples at all.  The blossom was lovely here but there seem to be very few apples set except on the John Downie Crab.  Our Pear tree has five pears after last year's bumper crop - we are still eating pickled pears.

Are other people having the same experience?

I visited Osborne House to see the blossom in the Walled garden, which was lovely although going over on a windy day.  Pictures to come. 

It won't be long to the start of Apple season, to eat, cook, draw and record on the website.

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