January News 2012

I surfaced after Christmas and found that there was quite a lot of apple activity to do in January, on the website, making visits and giving a talk to the Calbourne Garden Group.

I have been making contact with other apple groups around the country and asking if we could have a link to their website and be mentioned on theirs.  The more people look at the website the higher up the ratings we go.  There are now links directly from this website to the Gloucestershire Orchard Group and the Marcher Apple Network, both good and interesting sites, and we appear on their sites.  More links to come.

I have visited Calbourne Mill, Mottistone Manor and Osborne House to look at their apple trees ready to write up what is there for the website.  I am also going to visit Carisbrooke Priory - thank yu to several people who suggested this.  Information will appear soon under IOW Apple People and Places when I have approval for my write up – so watch this space.  Osborne House was particularly interesting as my only previous information was about the apples and other fruit trees around the Swiss Cottage.  This time we walked around the Walled Garden with Head Gardener Toby Beasley and I found they had a variety new to me – Sandringham – I hope to return in the fruit season and collect some samples to record for the website.  I am also returning in blossom season for some photos.  In January the apples are reduced to bare bones and the hard and meticulous pruning work really shows, in the summer this is difficult to appreciate as it is covered by leaves.  Dave came with me for this visit and found it very interesting.

Thank you to Calbourne Garden Group for having me to give a talk this week.  It is some time since I did any public speaking and they were very friendly and welcoming.  I failed on one apple ident. – about to go into it with more reference books and find an answer.  Luckily I had explained in my talk why it is not always possible to identify an apple!

I also found out some more information about The Alverstone Apple – see The Alverstone Apple page on the website.


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