Russet overview

A rough and ready way to define a russet apple is ‘an apple that is more than two thirds covered with russet.  However this varies considerably sometimes even with the same variety on the same tree.  The russet can be an even cover or it can be in patches, flecks and dots or ‘netted’ over the surface.  The skin texture is mostly dry but in Isle of Wight Russet the unrusseted skin can be quite greasy as it ripens and is stored.

There is a fine dividing line between russets and reinettes.  I have put Lemoen in with the russets as the samples I have seen have considerable russet cover and Rosemary Russet in with the reinettes in spite of its name, other apples with russet include Blenheim Orange, Orleans Reinette, Autumn Pearmain, Belle de Boskoop, Claygate Pearmain, Lemon Pippin and Isle of Wight Pippin.

You can see a photo gallery of russets here

Check out some Reinettes





St. Edmund's Russet (Pippin)




OCTOBER   Lemoen Isle of Wight Russet  

Egremont Russet




Pimaston Pine Apple



Merton Russet



Ashmead's Kernel

Ross Nonpareil


Ard Cairn Russet



JANUARY onwards  

Duke of Devonshire

Brownlees' Russet

Reinette du Canada



D'Arcy Spice