August news 2018

Hello - we are definitely in Apple season as I am receiving  emails about identification.  It is always interesting to hear from people but I cannot accurately identify apples from photos.  The reason I started painting and drawing apples  was because I just needed so much more information about an apple to identify it.  So I started recording the apples that came in for Apple Weekend after I had identified and checked them either at Deacons (now gone) or at RHS Wisley or with an tree that I knew absolutely was correct.  Trees lose their labels or people forget and misremember what they are so this was really confined to ones we had planted and could vouch for as being correctly labelled.


It is a strange year - this is the first time ever that Arthur Turner (picture above) has not had any apples - well a few, but mostly unusable.  This is my favourite early cooker and baked apple, cooking to a puree and with a good flavour.  Usually so many we can put them in the freezer.  It was covered with very attractive blossom as usual.  Tydemans Early was good and reliable as usual, Crawley Beauty has some good big specimens but the Bramley's Seedling is very poor - enough for us to use but nothing like the usual bounty.  The John Downie crab is as good as usual and I have already made jelly but the other trees are having a disappointing year.

What sort of year are you having?


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