February news 2016


Traditionally held on Twelfth Night 6th January or the old Twelfth Night, 17th January.  I have more information and a couple more pictures but has anyone else anything to add, any bits of folklore, any Wassail party stories to share etc. 

Standing around the corner tree in the orchard after making a noise - note the pans and spoons!  I think this is when we were singing the Wassail song.

Last weekend we went to a Wassail Party - a new experience - in a newly planted cider orchard on the Isle of Wight.  Wassailing is to ensure a good cider crop in the coming year and is more common in cider growing areas such as Somerset, Devon and Hereford.  We ate and drank, walked up to the tree at the edge of the orchard making a lot of noise, sang our Wassailing song, tipped cider over the tree and tied a piece of apple cake soaked in cider in the tree ( the cake was delicious - I ate some of it for the 'pudding course' of the meal later).  Traditionally the cake is for the robins which are the good spirits of the orchard.

The apple cake tied in the tree after everyone had taken it in turns to sprinkle cider over the tree

The Fire pit which was very welcome and much needed to stand around on such a cold day, note the large pan of 'chilli stew' and the small pan of mulled cider in the corner and the potatoes wrapped in foil. 






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